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From the Inside: Global Pet Expo

Welcome to a brand spankin’ new feature on the Zuke’s blog you’ve come to know and love: “From the Inside”! “From the Inside” is a look at Zuke’s that we have never shown you before. It will be a peak behind the scenes and an intimate look into the company as we continue our journey to make your best friend’s favorite treats. We will be reporting from tradeshows and events, giving insight into the latest news and happenings from Durango, talking about our favorite things, and embarrassing unsuspecting members of our team. Thanks for coming along...
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What’s All The Hoopla About Antioxidants? by Dr. Jennifer Deming

Imagine a substance that attacks our bodies at the microscopic level, altering cellular structural integrity and directly affecting essential biologic processes. This substance can accelerate the aging process and lead to serious maladies such as arthritis, poor immunity, heart disease, and cancer. Biologic warfare? Alien invasion? Hardly! These substances exist and we are all exposed to them daily from sources like environmental toxins, sunlight, strenuous exercise, and even normal metabolic processes like breathing. They are known as free radicals, unstable atoms that frequently originate from the body’s own cells. Luckily, our bodies have access to a defense strategy against...
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Zuke’s and the Global Pet Expo on The Today Show!

Each year the Global Pet Expo brings together all of the manufacturers, buyers, retailers and media outlets that make up the pet products industry. It is a wonderland for pet lovers, showcasing the best, newest and coolest products for our beloved pets. It's the place to be for anybody who's anybody with the pets; so, of course, Zuke's is there each year! We pull out all the stops - our booth is beautiful, our pets are groomed, our staff is excited - and we tell our story: Zuke's is dedicated to making delicious, all-natural treats that help fuel an active...
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Zuke’s Has Never Been Recalled!

Established in 1995, Zuke's is proud to say we have never been recalled. Your pet is our top priority. Everything we do, from conception and formulation, to manufacturing and distribution, is for the well-being of the dogs and cats who enjoy our treats. You can trust Zuke's to provide dependable, wholesome treats that contribute to your pet's health and happiness. Durango, CO (Feb. 20,2013) - Yesterday, Kasel Associated Industries announced a voluntary recall on all of its products manufactured at its Denver, CO facility from April 20, 2012 to September 19, 2012. The reason: possible Salmonella health risk. Be assured that Zuke's is NOT affected by...
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200 Miles Home on Four Tiny Paws

People often speak of a dog's devotion and loyalty. Lovingly dubbed man's best friend, canines seem to hold this distinction to the exclusion of all other species. Rarely do we humans go on and on about a cat's loyalty. Too often they are stereotyped as demanding and aloof, but I object. Cats are quite loyal...they are just more discriminating when deciding who to be loyal to. And with that said, I love this story. It shows determination, strength, tenacity, as well as true loyalty and devotion. Read on... Cat Journeys 200 Miles to Get Home, Baffling Scientists By Catherine Griffin...
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