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Information for Dealers

Keeping our dealers in the know is how we ensure our customers are getting the Zuke’s products they desire.

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Sponsorship Request (Dealer)

Please Submit your request at least 4 weeks before your event

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Got Zuke's?

Do you have a retail location and want to sell Zuke's?
Please use our Dealer Inquiry Form to contact us.

Do you need Zuke's Logos, Product Images and Marketing Materials to promote Zuke's in your store or at a Zuke's Sponsored Event?
The Zuke's Retailer Portal has everything you will need. To obtain a password for the retailer portal, please contact us through our Dealer Inquiry Form.

Looking to educate sales reps and retail sales associates on Zuke's brand and products?
We offer a quick online training for sales partners at 3point5.com. The training includes information for sales reps and retail sales associates to share with customers about Zuke’s brand and beliefs; and also what makes our natural, wholesome treats the right choice for pet parents. When they complete the training, sales professionals earn logo'ed gear, including a Polo shirt, wristband, pen and button. They also become eligible for discounts on Zuke’s products for their personal
use. But most importantly, they will have the information they need to recommend
Zuke’s treats to their customers.

Do you currently sell Zuke's and need to add your address to our Store Locator?
Please use our Add Your Store to Locator form. If you have more than 10 stores to add, Contact Our Web Developer by selecting "Website Problems" and we will help you get your stores imported.

Looking for Zuke's to Sponsor your In Store Event
Please fill out our In Store Event Sponsorship form. Please note we need at least 45 days advance notice to help sponsor in-store events and we are not able to sponsor all requests.