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Zuke's Staff

Working at Zuke’s has it perks. Not only do our dogs come to work with us, but they’re also our best treat testers. Meet our dedicated staff and the pets they love. Discover their favorite Zuke’s treats and most memorable adventures.

Patrick Meiering with Trek

Founder and Original Head Bone Maker

Favorite Treat: It’s got to be Hip Action at the moment. Both Trek and Ellie are older, active dogs and Hip Action helps keep their joints in shape so we can keep hiking together.

Best Adventure with Trek and Ellie: The Colorado Trail, Durango, Colorado. The Colorado Trail is right here in Durango, just up the road from my house and the Zuke’s World Headquarters. It is the perfect trail lined by beautiful ponderosa pines, a running stream, and a beautiful overlook.

Amy Felker with Lacey Blue, Ruger Roo, and Iago

Customer Service Associate, Bonecierge
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Favorite Treat: Iago, our Xoloitzquintli, loves every Zuke's treat, but especially the Lil' Links. Lacey Blue, the Aussie, can't wait for her Hip Action, and only we know it helps her old joints keep up with the other dogs, cats and chickens that live with us. Ruger can't wait for his daily Z-Bone, and loves it when I fill his busy toys with Mini Naturals and Power Bones. Our cats Violet, Dash and Cosmic Creepus (C.C.) enjoy the Natural Purrz - although Violet has to play with them first. Even the chickens like Zuke's Super Tasty Greens and Yummy Betas as a special treat!

Best Adventure with Lacey, Iago and Ruger: Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado. Our three dogs love camping in our pop-up trailer, and Wolf Creek is a great place for families and their dogs -- although Iago ALWAYS prefers a beach in Mexico. On more relaxed days, we love lounging under our backyard palapa and hammocks in downtown Durango, where we can usually hear the band that is playing at one of the countless festivals on Main Avenue just a few blocks away.

Brenda Martin with Elbe

Staff Accountant, Bone Payer
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Favorite Treat: Birt and Elbe's favorite treats are Natural Purrz. It's a great way to get them in at night!

Best Durango Adventure My cats take adventures on their own, so my best adventures happen any day out on the trails of Durango, Moab or Crested Butte riding my mountain bike. My favorite ride is Hermosa Creek in early summer when the lupine are in bloom; absolutely breathtaking.

Chris Meiering with Milo and Zoe

Marketing Director, BoneGuyver
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Favorite Treat: Milo and Zoe love Z-Filets. We've done the test and they prefer Z-Filets over even table scraps!

Best Adventure with Milo and Zoe: Cascade Creek Trail, Durango, Colorado. We love hiking on Cascade Creek near Durango. It's a nice, easy grade for 13 year old Zoe and Milo with his short legs. Late summer is especially nice with lots of great mushroom hunting nearby. No, not those mushrooms!

Coleman Francis with Buddy, Karl and Lulu

Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Southern Division Bone Peddler

Favorite Treat: It’s a tie. First it was the Z-Filet Chicken, and now they really like the Lil’ Links Pork and Apple treats.

Best Adventure with Buddy, Karl and Lulu: Kure Beach, Wilmington, North Carolina. My favorite activity is surf fishing at Kure Beach with my dogs. They run and chase birds until hopefully I catch a fish, then bark until I get the fish off the line and back in the water. Afterwards, they sit and look at the water and seem to be wondering where the fish went.

David Rizzo with Job and Nika

Operations Director, Bone Technology Master

Favorite Treat: Job’s and Nika’s favorite treat is Z-Filet Chicken. They absolutely love them!

Best Adventure with Job and Nika: Overlook Point, San Juan Mountains, Durango, Colorado. My favorite place is Overlook Point because of the amazing views and the solitude I can find with my dogs.

Eric Singleton with Kiyo

Network Administrator, Bone-gician

Favorite Treat: Kiyo’s favorite treat is Hip Action. As an eight year old Akita, Hip Action helps him keep up with the younger pups!

Best Adventure with Kiyo: Anywhere in Southern Utah, but we especially love Indian Creek.

Jared Brassel with Luna

South West Regional Account Manager, "The Funny Bone"
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Favorite Treat: Power Bones Peanut Butter. My favorite adventure with Luna has been going up to Big Bear Mt. in California and going on hikes through the streams that run through the mountains Valleys. We can spend all day when I bring snacks and Luna’s Power Bones!

Best Adventure with Luna: Living in SoCal I have found a love for the beach and surfing so as a family we try and get in beach days any time we get the chance.

Jeannette Underwood with Job and Nika

Wholesale Sales Coordinator, Bone Counselor

Favorite Treat: The favorite treat right now is any flavor of the Lil’ Links. The dogs in the office go crazy for them and I have made fast friends with all the dawgs!

Best Adventure: Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Montana. My favorite place to hike is anywhere in Glacier or Yellowstone National Parks. I have only lived in Durango for the past year, so I’m still trying to find a favorite in the Four Corners.

Jessica Zimmerman with Honey

Receptionist, Tele-Bone Operator

Favorite Treat: My manx kitties, Gilly and Steve, love the Chicken Purrz!

Best Adventure: This summer I went jeeping a lot, which was super fun. We made a few trips to Silverton, and I went to Telluride for the first time; what a blast! I also enjoy hiking the Colorado Trail, and Sailing Hawk. I hope to have a canine companion for the next hiking season.

John Hart with Quinn

President, Captain Bonetastic

Favorite Treat: Indy’s favorite treats are Lil’ Links, Pork and Apple flavor. They are a perfect reward after a good jog.

Best Adventure with Quinn: Weko Beach, Bridgeman, Michigan. We love it because you can run for several miles on the Lake Michigan coast. The white sand and cool water is the perfect adventure for a hot day.

Julie Singer with Mack and Rio

Operations Support Associate, Bone Processor

Favorite Treat: Mack is older and any flavor of Hip Action really helps get him going! Rio’s favorite treat is the Z-Bone Carrot Crisp – he loves the flavor and they help keep his teeth nice and clean!

Best Adventure with Mack and Rio: Spud Lake, Durango, Colorado. This is one of my favorite places to go with the dogs because it is beautiful and they love playing in the lake after a good hike!

Larry Welte with Chico, Mistic and Indy

CFO, Fiscal Bone Counter

Favorite Treat: Chico loves Z-Bones to keep his teeth clean and Hip Action for his joints. Mistic isn’t picky, and loves all Zuke’s, but especially Z Filets and Z-Bones. Indy also loves Z-Bones!

Best Adventure with Chico, Mistic and Indy: Timberdale Ranch, Bayfield, Colorado. Hiking in the woods northwest of Bayfield is beautiful. There is plenty of space for the dogs to run and the scenery is stunning.

Linda Ellis with Gracie, Gizmo, & Duke

Natural Specialty Sales Assistant, Right-Hand Bone Lady
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Favorite Treat: Every single Zuke’s treat is their favorite!

Best Adventure with Gracie, Gizmo & Duke: The Oregon Coast. While living in Coos Bay, Oregon, our mini schnauzer, Gracie, loved to chase along the beach after us. But as soon as we tried to coax her into the water she would only go in up to her ankles…a true mini schnauzer!

Lisa Liljedahl with Henry

Senior Finance Analyst, Fiscal Bone Meister
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Favorite Treat: Mini Naturals and Lil’ Links. Henry grew up on both of these and thinks they are the fantastic!

Best Adventure with Henry and Nellie: Hiking on BLM lands right out my back door and camping with them in the nice, big popup I bought for them!

Lori Yando with Gage Maxwell

Natural Specialty Sales Associate, Bone-a-fide Naturalist
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Favorite Treat: Chicken & Apple Lil’ Links – he can’t get enough of them!

Best Adventure with Gage: Mt. Sanitas, Boulder, Colorado. The hike is the perfect trip for Gage…he’ll beat anyone to the top anytime, and is always up for the challenge. Running the 10k with him to benefit the Boulder Humane Society is pretty fun, too!

Lynda Roth with Thunder

Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Yankee Bone Peddler
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Favorite Treat: They absolutely go crazy for Hip Action. Hip Action treats are so moist and meaty they come running whenever they see the bag! They don’t know that Hip Action is good for them too, but I do!

Best Adventure with Bruce, Simon, Willy, Josie and Casey (yes, there really are five of them!): Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. My dogs and I live in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. They have 23 acres to romp around, play, and explore.

Marilyn Good with Yogi Bear

Key Accounts Sales Manager, Key Bone-a-rific Account Manager
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Favorite Treat: Yogi will do just about anything for a crumb of the Z-Filets -any flavor! We’ve done some taste tests between Chicken, Venison and Beef, and noticed the Venison always gets eaten first! It’s absolute “crack” for dogs!

Best Adventure with Yogi Bear: Fiesta Island, Mission Bay Park – San Diego, California. Fiesta Island is small island in central San Diego that allows dogs to be leash free. It provides a beautiful place for Yogi to run, chase birds, go swimming, play fetch and for me to also get my exercise. The scenery here is beautiful with a view of the San Diego Skyline and the Pacific Ocean.

Marta Magness with Rocco and Domino

National Specialty Sales Manager, National Natural Bone Slinger

Favorite Treat: Domino and Rocco both love getting a Z-Bone at least twice a week. They love the taste and we love the healthy gums and teeth they both continue to have.

Best Adventure: Central Cascade Range and Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon. I love to hike in the Oregon backcountry. I specifically love the Central Cascade Range and the Eagle Cap Wilderness. You can hike for days without seeing another soul. Whether hiking with my mom’s dogs Domino and Rocco, or on my own, it is pure solitude and peace.

Matt Porray with Sawyer, Job & Nika

Inventory Control Associate, Bone Analyst

Favorite Treat: The favorite treat of all the dogs in the office is Lil’ Links. All of the dogs will do anything for them and they are crazy tasty!

Best Adventure: Martis Valley, Truckee, CA. Martis Valley is great for dogs to run and chase squirrels. And of course, there is the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Mountains.

Matt Ronken with Brown

Vice President/General Manager, Al CaBone

Favorite Treat: Z Bones, Clean Apple Crisp. Brown gets so excited when he hears me opening the packaging, and I love that it’s helping keep his teeth clean and healthy!

Best Adventure with Brown: My best adventures with Brown are my long walks with him throughout our neighborhood after work or on the weekends. He perks up when he sees me pull the leash out from the drawer. He loves to meet new dogs, experience new smells along the way, and just genuinely spend time together outside.

Melissa Simmons with Lydia

Marketing Coordinator, Bone Synergy Artisan

Favorite Treat: Hip Action Chicken. She gets one every morning and evening at mealtime. It’s Lydia’s favorite treat because it’s yummy (she loves chicken!) and it keeps her senior hips and joints moving well to enjoy life.

Best Adventure with Lydia: Andrews Lake, San Juan Mountains, Durango, Colorado. Lydia loves splashing in the cool, mountain waters of Andrews Lake.

Sarah Julian with Emerson

Worldwide Bone Ambassador

Favorite Treat: Our favorite treats are the Mini Naturals. We spend time every day training and these little treats are perfect!

Best Adventure with Emerson: Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado. Emerson, my 6 month old puppy, and I have just started our life of adventures together. Our favorite places to explore right now are the trails in Chautauqua Park. There is plenty of room to run, sights to see, and people and pets to meet!

Sarah Sturm with Charlie

Graphic Designer, Bonedazzler

Favorite Treat: Hip Action- Since Charlie will eat anything: tissue, tennis balls, dirt...I might as well give him something that helps his old dog bones! I think he prefers his Chicken Hip Action treat to his other "snacks".

Best Adventure with Charlie: Scaling rocks and slipping on ice in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, splashing in the mighty, mighty Animas River in Durango, and, of course, the best adventure is trying to get him to leave the ball outside after hours of fetch in the back yard!

Shel Mitchell with Tilley

Finance Associate, Indiana Bones - Raiders of the Lost Bark

Favorite Treat: Tilley was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at only 9 months, so Hip Action Beef is a great tasting way to give her the glucosamine, chondriotin, and eggshell membrane her joints need to stay strong and help her live a healthy, active life.

Best Adventure with Tilley: The Colorado Trail, San Juan Mountains, Durango, Colorado. We love hiking, camping, and backpacking in Southwestern Colorado. It is hard to pick a favorite place, but the Colorado Trail is always fun!

Stacey Praizner with Nelson

Events and Sponsorships, Dame of Bones
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Favorite Treat: As a 100% purebred Lab, one would think that Nelson would be driven by food……..any kind of food…..but he isn’t. However, when it comes to treats, Carrot Crisp Z- Bones are his favorite and so good for his teeth! I think it may go without saying, but the Z-Filets are a close second in any flavor…..he just LOVES them!

Best Adventure with Nelson: Being born and raised in Southern California, I love the ocean! Nelson and I spend time at the local San Diego beaches, but also spend a lot of time exploring beaches in Baja, California. My favorite adventure was taking him on a surf trip to Scorpion Bay in Baja when he was a just pup. I paddled out to surf while he watched me from the beach. He howled, cried, whined and ran around in circles until he finally decided to join me. He swam out to the break, jumped on my board and has been surfing and/or paddle boarding with me ever since!

Tammy Jivery with Sawyer

Technical Sales Support Specialist, The Bone Ranger
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Favorite Treat: Sawyer’s favorite treat is definitely the new Lil’ Links, although I’ve yet to see him actually chew one!

Best Adventure with Sawyer: Sailing Hawks and Hog’s Back Trails, Durango, Colorado. The truth is Sawyer loves anywhere on a trail, on a mountaintop or near water! But these two trails are right in town, we can go after work, and they are some of his favorites. And in a pinch, a trip to the dog park to play ball and swim is always a guaranteed good time!