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Inspired by our own pets and made especially for them. Zuke’s treats are healthy, natural, and nutritious.

We believe dogs and cats deserve the only the best, so our treats are Made in the USA with wholesome, whole-food ingredients.

Healthy is what you expect, and it's the only way we know.

New Products from Zuke's!

All New Skinny Bakes

Mini Naturals Delicious Duck and Roasted Pork Recipes

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Zuke's is proud to announce new products available this fall: Skinny Bakes and two new flavors of Mini Naturals Delicious Duck Recipe and Roasted Pork Recipe!

Looking for a healthful treat that keeps your dog's waistline trim? Never fear, all new Skinny Bakes are here! Each low-calorie, meat-free, crunchy biscuit has less than 10 calories; and a clean ingredient panel means even many dogs with common allergies can enjoy these wheat, corn, and soy free treats. Try all three yummy crunchy flavors: Peanut Butter n' Banana Crunch, Cherry n' Berry Crunch, and Pumpkin n' Sweet Potato Crunch. Ready to give 'em a try? Just click here to order your four-legged friend some Skinny Bakes.

Wondering how to reduce the risk of taste bud boredom, but want to stick with a tried and true training treat? Introducing two new flavors of the ever-popular Mini Naturals Delicious Duck Recipe and Roasted Pork Recipe! Available in both 6 ounce and 1 pound packages, treat a little, or treat a lot with these two new protein options in our industry-leading, nutritional, low-calorie treats. Just click here to order new one or both new Mini Naturals flavors. You're furry pal will approve!

Please check with your local retail pet store around Halloween for the new flavors of Mini Naturals and Skinny Bakes.

Don't know where to find Zuke's near you? Go to our Store Locator, enter in your location, and voilà!

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