#ZukesPack ambassador Natalia Martinez and her powderhound Willow; follow @thelabsand.co on Instagram for more adventures.

We’re proud to team with the following adventure-driven, awe-inspiring dog lovers. They embody the Zuke’s "Live Life Off Leash" spirit every day as they explore and bound through nature with their four-legged companions by their side. Meet our #ZukesPack brand ambassadors below, follow them on Instagram, and join in on the fun. Let’s Go!

Kuma, Kodiak and Abigail

Abigail Demyanek, Kuma and Kodiak

@kuma_thehuskybear and @kodiak_thebeardog

When she’s not working as a photographer in Colorado, Abigail spends her time adventuring with her husband and two sidekicks: Kodi, a sweet and excitable sheep/cattle dog mix she adopted three years ago, and Kuma, a goofy and curious Siberian Husky who’s always happy. Whether it’s camping, hiking, or just snuggling together, Kodi and Kuma bring constant joy, humor and companionship to Abigail. A visual storyteller, Abigail believes that everyone has something unique to share. From living in Japan to wandering the plains of South Africa, Abigail’s passion for travel has lead her on many adventures, and she views each travel moment as a chance to learn, grow, and get to know others. Follow Abigail, Kodi, and Kuma on Instagram at @kodiak_thebeardog and @kuma_thehuskybear.

Max and Alison

Alison Turner and Max


Born and raised in Southern California, Alison learned early on that freedom consisted of long road trips and camping with her family in their wood-paneled station wagon. After college and working several years in advertising sales, she gave up the perceived security of her career to live on the road with her rescue dog, Max. What began as an escape from the corporate world has turned into a new way of living. 2017 marks her ninth year living on and off the road, wandering the country, and taking photographs of the people and places she and Max come across. Follow their adventure on Instagram at @alisontravels and www.AlisonTurnerPhoto.com.

Ariel and Amber

Amber Pitcher and Ariel


Amber grew up surrounded by animals on a small farm in upstate New York, and her love for animals inspired her career as a licensed veterinary technician. She adopted Ariel more than 10 years ago, and together these best friends have hiked mountains all over New York State and became members of various mountain clubs, including the Adirondack 46ers, Catskill 3500ers, Saranac Lake 6ers, and the Tupper Lake Triad. When they’re not out hiking, Amber and Ariel can be found camping, kayaking, paddleboarding, and traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ariel is also a member of Therapy Dogs International. Follow Amber and Ariel on Instagram at @ambpitch.

Kicker and Andrew

Andrew Muse and Kicker


Andrew is a professional multi-sport athlete, photographer, cinematographer, producer, director and story teller. Andrew and his adventure dog, a Golden Retriever named Kicker, go on all kinds of wild adventures together. From big mountain, backcountry snowboarding in Alaska to ice climbing, kiteboarding, paragliding, rock climbing, and camping, they explore the world while living out of a van. Kicker’s secret talent is being willing to try any adventure and trusting Andrew in any scenario, which makes him an exceptional adventure partner and companion! Follow the pair on Instagram at @andrew__muse.


Becca Skinner and Veda


Becca was born into a family of adventurers and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the high plains of Wyoming. This environment fueled a lifetime passion about wild places and exploring. While studying social work and technical writing at the University of Wyoming, Becca won a National Geographic Young Explorer's Grant to document post-tsunami Sumatra, Indonesia. That trip sparked a leave from school, which led to 32,000 miles of living out of a car, traveling and photographing around the West. She now resides in Bozeman, Montana, with her adopted dog, Veda, and works as an adventure and conservation photographer and writer. Follow Becca's adventures on Instagram at @beccaskinner.

Breeze and Marley, @breezeturner

Breeze Turner and Marley


When she’s not working as a realtor, Breeze is an adventure seeker who spends her days SUP’ing with her trusty co-captain Marley, a lovable Golden Retriever who’s been by her side for almost 10 years. A native of the Caribbean, Breeze grew up enjoying the outdoors and spent her days snorkeling, surfing and waterskiing. After moving to Reno, Nevada, she was immediately drawn to the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe. She and Marley have circumnavigated all 72 miles of the lake together and are continually on the lookout for new adventures. Follow them on Instagram at @breezeturner.

Bucket, Dagwood, Brianna and Keith

Brianna and Keith Madia, Bucket and Dagwood


Brianna, Keith, and their dogs, Bucket and Dagwood, are desert dwellers who call their big orange van, Bertha, home. They believe that there isn't much worth doing in life if you can't bring your dog along. To date, Bucket and Dagwood have swam in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, driven across the country three times, enjoyed beaches in Mexico, lived on a sailboat, climbed mountains from the Adirondacks to the Rockies, and rappelled through over 50 slot canyons. On any given day, the pack can be found mountain biking, kayaking, backcountry snowboarding, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or canyoneering. Brianna and Keith are passionate about adoption, as both of their beloved dogs had rough beginnings in shelters. Follow their crew on Instagram at @briannamadia

Bryce LaDuc, Tonto and Finn; @laducb

Bryce LaDuc, Tonto and Finn


An animal lover since childhood, Bryce has a special fondness for Border Collies, a breed that she grew up with while riding and showing horses. After moving to Upstate New York, Bryce found that she had the expansive Adirondack Park as her backyard and soon rescued two Border Collie mixes to share this outdoor playground with: Tonto and Finn. Both dogs help her remember to not sweat the small stuff and to live each day to the very fullest. To date, Bryce has climbed all 46 of the high peaks in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where she cherishes each day she spends with her four-legged best friends exploring the PNW. Follow Bryce, Tonto, and Finn on Instagram at @laducb.  

Bella, Devin and Pat

Devin and Pat Walker and Bella


Devin and Pat live in Colorado with their Pointer-Heeler mix, Bella, who has been a part of the family since the moment she was adopted from the Boulder Humane Society. When the three of them are not taking advantage of the amazing outdoor recreation that Colorado offers, Devin works as a special education teacher and teaches children’s horseback riding in the summers, while Pat works in sales for a start-up company. The pack always explores together. Whether they’re horseback riding in the foothills, fly fishing in Clear Creek Canyon, training for ultra-marathons, or backpacking in Indian Peaks Wilderness, Bella helps the couple remember to take time for the things they enjoy most in life. Follow their adventures on Instagram at @colorado_canine.

Elena, Rio and Baya

Elena Pressprich, Rio and Baya


Elena is an outdoor enthusiast and photographer living in Bend, Oregon. She works at Ruffwear as an in-house photographer and videographer and spends her weekends outside with her two pups, Rio and Baya. Backpacking, running, swimming, and skiing are just a few of the things they enjoy doing together. Elena most recently adopted her Lab-Collie mix, Baya, at Best Friends Animal Society, and Rio, a Chocolate Lab, was adopted about seven years ago. Sharing experiences in the outdoors with her dogs has strengthened their connections, and taught Elena to slow down, live in the moment and to love absolutely everything in life. Follow their adventures on Instagram at @findmeoutside

Jaymi and Niner

Jaymi Heimbuch and Niner


Jaymi has always been an outdoors kind of girl, starting with camping trips and hikes with her dad as a kid all the way up to becoming a professional wildlife conservation photographer and writer. She adopted Niner, a mix of Border Collie and Cattle Dog, six years ago, and they have spent every day since escaping city life together, taking hikes and going on camping trips whenever possible. This year, they left their home of San Francisco and moved into a teensy cabin in the woods off the central coast of Oregon and are rebuilding a van for some multi-month-long road trips. Follow the pair on Instagram at @niner.notes and visit www.jaymiheimbuch.com to learn more about Jaymi’s work.

Dave, Sora, Jen

Jen Sotolongo and Sora


Jen finds her energy playing outdoors. From 2015-2017, she traveled across Europe and South America by bicycle along with her partner, Dave and their dog Sora, a rescued Australian Shepherd. When she's not cycling, you can find her running long distances in the woods or hiking in the mountains. She is always planning her next adventure. To read stories and see photos from her adventures, follow Jen at www.longhaultrekkers.com or @longhaultrekkers on Instagram.

Kathleen, Chewy, Blazer, Rocky, Kodi

Kathleen Brooks, Blazer, Kodi, Rocky and Chewy


Kathleen is a nurse who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her wife, son and four dogs: Kodi the Husky, Chewy the Doodle, Rocky the Golden, and Blazer the White Golden. Always on the go together, the pack spends their time hiking, backpacking, SUP’ing, and camping throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Her world revolves around her dogs and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Kathleen believes that her dogs make life worth living and that the world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog. She wishes all her fellow, dog-loving explorers, happy trails! Follow the pack on Instagram at @goldentrailz

Peaches and Kathleen

Kathleen Morton and Peaches


Kathleen got into tiny living three years ago to reduce her environmental footprint and have more time for outdoor experiences. Living with her adventure companion, Peaches, either out of a van, camper or tent depending on the destination, puts them in the great, wild spaces of this world to enjoy together. You might find them backpacking, floating down a river or simply going on a walk somewhere. She hopes to inspire people to get outside more and explore with their best friends. Follow Kathleen and Peaches on Instagram at @tinyhousetinyfootprint.

Katie, Chipper and Quinci

Katie Pollak, Chipper and Quinci


Katie is an independent, adventure-driven girl who likes to explore the trails with her mutts, Chipper and Quinci. They are her trusted sidekicks to adventure through every inch of Arizona where they live. She has a passion for the outdoors, wandering through beautiful nature, and discovering hidden gems along the way. Goofy bully blend, Chipper, and sassy, quirky rescue terrier, Quinci, take on the world together either on foot or SUP’ing. Follow them on Instagram at @trustyourtrail

Dante, Kerri and Goose

Kerri Irwin, Dante and Goose


Kerri was born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, amongst saguaro cacti and extreme heat. She loves going on hiking, camping, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and backpacking adventures with her husband Jerad, her daughter Sydney, and her dogs, Goose and Dante. Goose is an Australian Shepherd with a tender heart that’s at home on the trails, and Dante is a German Shepherd who is a senior but doesn’t let that slow him down. Kerri started her blog Dusty Desert Dogs a few years ago to document her adventures with her dogs, to review gear, and share photos. Adventure is contagious, and Kerri hopes to inspire others to get out and explore with their dogs. Follow them on Instagram at @dustydesertdogs and visit Kerri's blog at www.dustydesertdogs.com.

Maria, Riley and Kona

Maria Schultz, Riley and Kona


Maria is a SUP instructor and author with a passion for teaching about the friendship and healing we can find with our dogs in nature. Her Australian Shepherds, Riley and Kona, are always by her side sharing in life’s adventures, whether that’s on the water, out on the trails, or traveling the country. Maria was initially an avid climber but became passionate about SUP’ing after learning that Riley had hip dysplasia, which drove her to find a more dog-friendly challenge they all could enjoy. Maria believes that it’s not how far or how fast you go that makes an adventure special, it’s who you bring along. Check out her books, “How to SUP With Your PUP” and “Paddle Tails,” and follow the trio on Instagram at @sup_with_pup.

Miranda and Loki, @mirandashea24

Miranda Harmon and Loki


Miranda lives in Utah with her Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix and best friend, Loki. Together, they travel and explore the great outdoors hiking, camping and kayaking. Besides exploring in nature with her furry companion, Miranda enjoys writing and taking pictures to share their adventures and lessons learned along the way. Follow them on Instagram at @mirandashea24 and visit https://ourpawsitivetails.com.

Nancy, Sammy, Pablo, and Marty, @nancythebeat

Nancy Gonzalez, Sammy, Pablo and Marty


Nancy is a full-time techie, part-time photo hobbyist, and proud mom of three pups: Sammy, a small but mighty active senior; Pablo, an energetic, super happy terrier; and Marty, a Golden Retriever puppy and the newest addition to the crew. Their beloved adventure buddy Mac recently passed away, but his spirit lives on in every adventure they take.When the group of them are not playing in the mountains, they’re on the beach. And when they’re not on the beach, they’re probably on their way to the mountains. A Los Angeles native, Nancy has a strong itch for travel, adventure, and all things cheese. She enjoys simple living and exploring with her dogs. Her motto is: Camp, hike, travel, and repeat. Follow the gang on Instagram at @nancythebeat.

Willow, Natalia, Bill, Corbin

Natalia Martinez and Bill Parsons, Willow and Corbin

@thelabsand.co and @willowthewildeandco

Natalia and Bill are business partners and family. Affectionately dubbed The Labs & Co., their journey as animal photographers began when their young black Lab, Corbin, got (and beat!) cancer. They fought alongside him, willed him to live, and photographed him, marking the moments as a family. Photographing the human-hound connection quickly became their life’s passion, and more than a decade later, they make a living doing what they love for commercial clients and passionate entrepreneurs. In 2012, Nat and Bill adopted Willow, a wolfish dog with mysterious eyes and a flare for the dramatic. Together, the pack feeds their love of nature and each other through hiking, camping, and getting lost in the forest. Follow them on Instagram at @thelabsand.co and @willowthewildandco, and visit http://thelabsand.co

Noel and Fin

Noel Russell, Lhotse and Fin


Previously a fashion designer, Noel followed her heart into the world of social service and hasn’t looked back. During the week, she works at a homeless youth shelter in Oakland, and on the weekends, she can be found exploring in her van with her husband and two adopted dogs: Lhotse, a large dog with a gentle soul, and Fin, a lovable little dog they found on the streets of LA and who has owned their hearts ever since. The family spends much of their time traveling throughout the Sierras, where they are drawn to the diversity and ever-changing landscape of the area’s lakes, forests, and mountains. Follow their adventures on Instagram at @noel_russ

Cajun and Steph

Steph Davis and Cajun


Steph is a professional climber and BASE jumper who lives in Moab, Utah, with her four-legged companion Cajun, a cattle dog mix who was rescued after being found wandering a Navajo reservation. Steph believes that life is best lived simply and views her essentials as things that can't be found in a store: quietness, cleanliness, open space, and time to watch sunrises and sunsets. When she’s not out adventuring with Cajun, Steph enjoys writing, photography, and experimenting with vegan recipes. Follow Steph and Cajun on Instagram at @highsteph and visit stephdavis.co

Ollie and Stephen

Stephen Martin and Ollie


Stephen is a professional photographer and hiking enthusiast, but his path didn’t always follow this direction. Born and raised in Dallas, Stephen served in the Army for seven years before deciding to move to Colorado Springs to pursue an exercise science degree program at UCCS. This journey led him to a sweet rescue pup named Ollie, who he adopted shortly after moving to Colorado. A self-proclaimed “city boy” until that point, Stephen began hiking with Ollie and their adventuring hasn’t stopped since. Stephen hopes to complete all 53 of Colorado’s 14ers, and is well on his way, having finished close to 40. Follow the duo on Instagram at @explorewithollie.

Stevie Anna and Darcie

Stevie Anna Plummer and Darcie


Stevie Anna grew up in the woods of Oregon, the deserts of Texas and ended up in the heart of the wilderness of Patagonia with her adventure pup, Darcie. An avid adventurer, she spends her time traveling the world to explore other cultures and has traveled 49 states, with Darcie by her side for 26 of them. The two have gone everywhere from Yosemite to Colorado, all the way to Alaska and back. Stevie Anna fell in love with the vast, wild land that is Patagonia and never left. In November 2017, she’ll be embarked on her project, Patagone, a 1,000+ mile journey across Patagonia by horseback with her adventure pup. Follow their travels on Instagram at @stevieanna and visit www.stevieanna.com.

Kahlua and Trevor

Trevor DeHaas and Kahlua


Trevor is an adventure-seeking dog dad with a passion for photography and traveling. Trevor's sidekick, Kahlua, a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, inspired him to pick up a camera and document their epic journeys. The dynamic duo can usually be found living life off leash chasing waterfalls, paddleboarding glacial lakes, or camping under the stars. Trevor hopes that by sharing pictures and stories of his adventures with Kahlua, he will inspire more people to explore the great outdoors with their four-legged companions. Follow them on Instagram at @trevorandkahlua.