#ZukesPack ambassador Natalia Martinez and her powderhound Willow; follow on Instagram for more adventures.

We’re proud to team with the following adventure-driven, awe-inspiring dog lovers. They embody the Zuke’s “Live Life Off Leash” spirit every day as they explore and bound through nature with their four-legged companions by their side. Meet our #ZukesPack brand ambassadors below, follow them on Instagram, and join in on the fun. Let’s Go!

Stephany Lamas, Leia and Lonzo


Steph lives full-time in a van named Beluga with her husband, Alejandro, and two huskies, Leia & Lonzo. Leia rules their home on wheels. She is always howling, making sure her voice is always heard. She’s never afraid to speak up, which makes her a fierce little lady. Not only does she love to be the trail leader, but she also loves to swim non-stop. She is basically the princess of the house and the outdoors. Lonzo is a goofball and the light of their lives. He loves the mountains and hanging out in powdery snow. His playful personality shines when he’s out playing with friends he has met on the road. The road is their home, but really, the outdoors is. Follow their adventures at or on IG @stephoffthegrid

Samantha Biemer and Porter


Samantha, otherwise known as Sammi, lives in TX but her heart pulls her elsewhere – on the road every chance she gets, with Porter as her trusty sidekick. Together she and Porter have traveled most of the west. They camp and explore a lot of national forest and Bureau of Land Management land so that Porter can live life to the fullest off the leash. Recently Holland, a golden retriever puppy has been added to the crew. Adventure is a way of life and having the dogs along side is only a plus. If you see them on the road be sure to wave hi. Follow their adventures @ourlifewithporter

Noami and Dustin Grevemberg, Amara

@irietoaurora & @diversify.vanlife

Noami & Dustin are eco-vanlifers, digital nomads and avid outdoorists, exploring the winding roads & backcountry of America with their trusted sidekick, co-pilot and adventure buddy, Amara the German Shepherd. Amara found them on a lonely Texas highway in 2019 and changed their lives forever, now this trio is inseparable. Dustin & Noami are creators at Irie to Aurora where they share digital nomad resources, eco-vanlife tips, and stories about life on the road with Amara. Noami is also the founder of Diversify Vanlife, a community organization dedicated to creating a safe space for representation of BIPOC in the road travel and outdoor communities. Follow them on Instagram @irietoaurora & @diversify.vanlife, and learn more at &

Nancy and Jim Duccini, Jade, Bowie and Silas


Nature lover Nancy and adventure seeker Jim are living and thriving in the Pacific Northwest with their three German Shepherds, Jade, Bowie and Silas. Whether splashing in the water or running through snow-covered fields, these three outdoor loving dogs are always happy when together. Follow their adventures @pnwshepherds.

Chelsea Mealo and Ranger

@chelseamealo & @roadtrip.ranger

Chelsea is a full-time explorer at heart. Her passion for freedom led her to quit her full-time job and embark on an entrepreneurial journey as a freelance photographer. This path was a whirlwind of unique experiences for her and with each new adventure her lust for travel was renewed. Something was missing though.. an adventure companion! Enter Ranger; the Goberian pup! Ranger is a golden retriever and husky mix with the quirky traits of each. From his insistence on bringing a prized stick home every day to his cacophony of expressions, he is quite the character. Watching Ranger’s goofy smile on the trails might just be more rewarding than the adventure itself! Follow their adventures @chelseamealo and @roadtrip.ranger

Charlie McLaughlin and Josey


Charlie is a self proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none.  He was born and raised in Montana and after college was lucky enough to bounce around the northwest before landing back in Montana after his first daughter was born.  He and his wife, Melanie, have two daughters and one fur child, Josey Tails.  Josey came first and so she will always be special to them.  The best part of moving back to Montana has been rediscovering all their old favorite hiking spots and exploring new trails.  Josey is the perfect companion for all of their hikes.  She even makes it out splitboarding with Charlie and goes on runs with Mel.  It doesn’t take much to get her excited, so anytime you put on a pair of hiking shoes she instantly knows it’s go time!  Follow along on Instagram @chuckdeezmt

Katie Pollak, Chipper and Quinci


Katie is an independent, adventure-driven girl who likes to explore the trails with her mutts, Chipper and Quinci. They are her trusted sidekicks to adventure through every inch of Arizona where they live. She has a passion for the outdoors, wandering through beautiful nature, and discovering hidden gems along the way. Goofy bully blend, Chipper, and sassy, quirky rescue terrier, Quinci, take on the world together either on foot or SUP’ing. Follow them on Instagram at @trustyourtrail.