Jen Sotolongo is a writer, dog mom, and adventure enthusiast. If she's not home, she probably with her dogs trail running in the mountains, hiking to alpine lakes, or camping in thewoods. She is the owner of the blog Long Haul Trekkers, which provides informational articles about adventure travel with dogs. From 2015 to 2017, she bicycled across Europe and South America with her husband and their previous dog, Sora in tow. Originallyfrom the Pacific Northwest, she currently lives in Spain with her husband, Dave and their two dogs Laila, a Spanish mutt, and Riia a border collie.

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Mikkel Becker, CPDT, KA, CTC

A skilled dog-trainer, Mikkel Becker, CPDT, KA, CTC, is an honors graduate of the rigorous and prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA. Mikkel is also a graduate of the Purdue University DOGS! course and the Karen Pryor Academy. She works as a training expert for, a canine evaluator at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, and a contributing author to Parade Magazine, Women’s Day, and Cat Fancy Magazine. Mikkel also provides private behavior consultations and group classes for dog owners.
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