27 Signs You’re an Awesome Dog Mom


27 Signs You’re an Awesome Dog Mom

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a dog mom. My Lab mix, Rio, brings so much joy and laughter and fun to my life – I love him like crazy! It’s something that’s impossible to explain to people who have never had a dog. Maybe that’s why many of my favorite people are dog moms – we share a special bond with our pups, and know loving our dogs enriches our lives in countless ways. There was even a study that showed gazing into a dog’s eyes produces the maternal bonding/happiness hormone oxytocin. So science agrees: life is better with dogs. That’s worth celebrating!

So in honor of our wonderful dogs, here are 27 signs you’re a dog mom, and proud of it:

  1. You ask if it’s OK to bring your dog to parties.
  2. You sleep in a tiny corner of the bed while your dog spreads out luxuriously.
  3. You watch the Puppy Bowl with as much excitement as a football fanatic watches the Superbowl.
  4. You whip out your phone to show photos of your dog to people you’ve just met.
  5. You think it’s super romantic when instead of jewelry, your partner gives you custom artwork of your dog or a “couture” poop bag purse.
  6. You Facetime or Skype with your dog when you’re apart.
  7. You engage in “social petworking” – your dog has his own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page (actress Amanda Seyfried’s Aussie shepherd, Finn, has over 13,000 Twitter followers, for instance).
  8. You constantly share photos of your dog online with hashtags like #TongueOutTuesday or #WoofWoofWednesday or #FurBabies or #KidsWithPaws or #LoveMyRescue or #DogLover.
  9. You give presents or throw a puppy shower when a friend gets a new dog.
  10. On a tender note, when a friend’s dog passes away, you send a sympathy card and make a donation to a nonprofit like the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in memory of their dog.
  11. You watch “Marley & Me” when you need a really good cry.
  12. You consider looking at adoptable dogs on PetFinder.com, or as one friend calls it, “Doggy Tinder.”
  13. You leave social gatherings early because your dog has been home alone too long.
  14. You rock dog hair like a fashion accessory.
  15. You spell out words like “W-A-L-K” in the presence of your dog if it’s not actually time to go outside.
  16. Your dog was a bridesmaid or ring bearer in your wedding.
  17. You like the smell of wet dog.
  18. You have playdates with girlfriends to hike with your dogs or hit “yappy hours” at bars.
  19. You sign your dog’s name on cards and add a little paw print so people will know she “really” signed.
  20. Some of your favorite books have canine narrators, like Pam Houston’s “Sight Hound” (sob!) and W. Bruce Cameron’s “A Dog’s Purpose” (double sob!).
  21. Your dog answers to his name as well as “Baby,” “Sweet Pea,” “Little Love,” “Mr. Perfect Handsome Boy,” “Fuzzy Buddy” and/or many, many other terms of endearment.
  22. Your friends are always sharing inspiring or funny dog videos with you (So many people sent me “Cooper Loves Ice Cream” and I still laugh every time I watch it.)
  23. You make decisions based on how your dog would react (See: “This apartment is nice, but where’s the closest dog park?” and “Our dog loves kids – let’s have a baby!”)
  24. When you’re traveling without your dog, you make a special trip to a pet store to buy her a “surprise” for when you get home.
  25. People give you mugs or t-shirts with slogans like, “I’d go to the gym but my dog needs me” and “Dog Is My Co-Pilot” and “I don’t care who dies in the movie, as long as the dog lives.”
  26. You see a puppy and start wondering if your dog needs a sister or brother.
  27. You and your dog embrace the Zuke’s motto “Live Life Off Leash” together!

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Jen Reeder is an award-winning freelance journalist who specializes in pet and lifestyle features. Her rescued Lab mix, Rio, and senior poodle, Peach, provide plenty of story ideas. She has written about pets for a variety of publications, including Family Circle, Modern Dog, The Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News, PawCulture, AKC Family Dog and Today.com, and for nonprofits like the American Animal Hospital Association and the Sierra Club. Jen is proud to be president of the Dog Writers Association of America and is also a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Colorado Press Association, and the Colorado Authors' League. Though Jen is a nomad at heart, living everywhere from Seattle to Australia, she currently resides in Durango, Colorado.
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