Helping Your Dog Become a Perfect Outdoor Companion

There’s nothing better than having a canine adventure buddy, but where do you start? Before you explore the great outdoors with your dog, it's important to understand their natural instincts and make sure you have a training plan in place. Here are some tips on preparing your pup for a lifetime of adventures with you!

Exercising with Your Puppy: How Much is Too Much?

Eager to hit the trails with your puppy? Proper exercise for puppies can be a complicated subject. Check out recommendations from veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Deming to help get you started.

Healthy Teeth = Healthy Life for Your Dog

Dental health is an important factor in our dogs' overall well-being. From dental chews to doggie toothpaste, learn more about the variety of products that support healthy teeth and gums for our four-legged friends.

30 Reasons Why Your Dog is Better Than Your Ex

The unconditional love of a dog is one to cherish. Here are 30 reasons why your dog is better than your ex.

Lessons in Love from My Dogs

"Love is the one thing that has a beginning but not an end, that makes more space the more it grows. It’s the one thing that lasts forever." Guest blogger Steph Davis shares lessons in love and loss that she learned from her dogs, Fletch and Cajun.