30 Reasons Why Your Dog is Better Than Your Ex

The unconditional love of a dog is one to cherish. Here are 30 reasons why your dog is better than your ex.

Lessons in Love from My Dogs

"Love is the one thing that has a beginning but not an end, that makes more space the more it grows. It’s the one thing that lasts forever." Guest blogger Steph Davis shares lessons in love and loss that she learned from her dogs, Fletch and Cajun.

From the Zuke's Test Kitchen: 'You-Make-My-Heart-Beet' Pupcakes

They say the quickest way to a dog's heart is through his stomach. Show your pooch some love with our 'You-Make-My-Heart-Beet' pupcakes.

Riley and Kona: Love at First Chase

Sometimes it's not always puppy love at first sight. Meet Riley and Kona, two star-crossed Aussies who eventually became best buds thanks to their mutual love for adventure.

Looking for Love? Check Out Your Local Animal Shelter

Dogs may not bring you flowers or take you to the movies, but they can ease your heart, make you smile daily, and take you on the best adventures, as guest blogger Bryce LaDuc shares in this post about her rescue pups, Tonto and Finn.