Looking for Love? Check Out Your Local Animal Shelter

Looking for Love? Check Out Your Local Animal Shelter

Are you looking for love? Then look no further than your local animal shelter or rescue. Are you more into online dating? Check out petfinder.com. Your soul-mutt is waiting for you!

In 2006 I adopted the two loves of my life: Tonto, an outgoing border collie mix, and Finn, a shy and emotional border collie mix. In the 11+ years I have had them, they have never once broken my heart and the only tears they have ever caused are from joy. They may not bring me flowers or take me to the movies, but they ease my heart, make me smile daily, and take me on the best adventures.

Just like any real relationship, there is a fair share of give and take. They surely do not clean up after themselves and I am always responsible for their meals, exercise and “bathroom” clean up. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It is. It is also a lot of reward.


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Before I adopted my dogs, I wasn’t really an active person and I absolutely wasn’t familiar with the strength of a bond between an animal and their human. If I am sad, they sense it. If I am happy, they feel it. Loyalty? Forget about it—you are the only thing that matters to them. I swear the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” was written about dogs. Though unspoken, my conversations with them are the best I have ever had because they speak directly to my heart.

Through them I have learned to love myself more. I have lost weight. I have become passionate about hiking and adventure, and I am able to see myself a little bit more clearly. We have hiked hundreds of miles together. We have been to 27 states and seven national parks together. They greet me each morning with a kiss and they make sure to not forget at night either. Dogs may not be able to help pay the bills or take you out for a nice dinner, but after all, isn’t it long-term commitment you are really looking for?

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.9 million are dogs enter shelters each year and approximately 1.2 million euthanized. Of the dogs entering shelters, approximately 35% are adopted, 31% are euthanized, and 26% of dogs are returned to their owners. It’s always a perfect time to add more love to your life. You may feel like you are the one doing the rescuing, but I assure you, they rescue you right back!

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