It’s more than just a belief—getting outside with our dogs is a way of life for us at Zuke’s. Before Patrick created what Zuke’s is today, he practiced the same path through life. He knew that being outside, hiking, biking, walking, exploring with his dog was far more important than anything else.

On “Black Friday,” we are celebrating the important things. We are taking our furry friends outside, where we all belong. We will be leaping over streams, rolling in the snow, chasing squirrels and soaking up the sun, because every day we should #OptOutside. The shared moments outside, experiencing adventures big and small are what we will be celebrating on Black Friday. We will recognize how important our dogs are in our lives, how they remind us the importance of love and adventure. They are often times the catalyst to getting us out exploring the world around us and this Black Friday we will celebrate that relationship by going outdoors with our dogs.

Thank you to REI for their commitment to the outdoors and reminding us through the #OptOutside movement what is really important in life. Head over to their website where they have an easy way to find dog-friendly activities for you and your pup to share.


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Sarah and Norm

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About the Author

Sarah Sturm

Sarah Sturm and her sidekick Norman are Durango locals in every sense of the word. They ride, hike, ski, run, climb and share tents together. Norman is a rescue dog turned mountain mutt who doesn’t let his poultry allergy slow him down. He loves following Sarah on her adventures, especially on the bike (he’s a much faster runner than she is). Sarah raced bikes professionally and is now an avid high-country mountain biker and adventurer. While she loves exploring overseas, nothing beats going on micro-adventures with her best friend, Norman. Together they embody the Durango lifestyle. Follow Sarah's adventures on Instagram at @sariebear_ie.
Sarah Sturm