Zuke's HQ in Durango, CO

The bond between pets and people can only be experienced, it can’t be explained. Every member of the Zuke’s Pack knows that profound relationship.

Patrick with Trek


The Colorado Trail is right here in Durango, just up the road from my house and the Zuke’s World Headquarters. It is the perfect trail lined by beautiful ponderosa pines, a running stream, and a beautiful overlook.

Amanda L

Amanda with Jax & Bo

Operations Support Associate, "Corro-bone-rator"

Growing up in Southwest Colorado has given me a boundless love for the outdoors. My dogs Bo and Jax share that same love and can't wait to get outside and run free. Lucky for us the entrance to an expansive trail system is just a few hundred feet from our doorstep. Out on the trail, the dogs love to refuel with beef-flavored Power Bones. When we are at home, they will do anything for Crunchy Naturals or Mini Naturals.

Amy with Darla, Iago, and Ruger

Amy with Darla, Iago & Ruger

Office Manager, "Bonecierge"

We like to go camping in our pop-up trailer at Wolf Creek Pass. It's a great place for families and their dogs -- although Iago ALWAYS prefers a beach in Mexico. On more relaxed days, we love lounging under our backyard palapa and hammocks in downtown Durango, where we can usually hear the band that is playing at one of the countless festivals on Main Avenue just a few blocks away. Iago, our Xoloitzquintli, loves every Zuke's treat, but especially the Lil' Links. Ruger can't wait for his daily Z-Bone, and loves it when I fill his busy toys with Mini Naturals and Power Bones.

Brent and Louie

Brent with Louie

General Manager, "Bone Captain"

Louie is a bundle of energy. He is a small, but mighty adventurer…never afraid to back down from a challenge. Louie is yet to meet a Zuke’s treat that he doesn’t love. He’ll go crazy when he sees the pouch coming out of the cabinet, which is partly why an Enhance Calming chew comes in handy every now and then!

Dana and Leif

Dana with Leif

Sales Coordinator, "Fairy Bone-Mother"

My dogs and I like to hike the trails in the mountains outside of Durango. We enjoy splashing in the streams, rolling in the mud and barking at bears. Leif’s favorite treats are the PureNZ Cuts -- he comes running for them every time!

David R

David with Nika

Director of Operations, "Bone Operations Specialist"

I enjoy the amazing views and solitude with Nika at Ice Lakes in the San Juan Mountains. Nika’s favorite treat is Z-Filet Chicken, although she will not turn down anything she is offered!


Emma with Elbe

Senior Financial Reporting Analyst, "Bone Payer"

The best adventures happen any day riding my mountain bike on the trails in Durango, Moab or Crested Butte. My favorite ride is Hermosa Creek in early summer when the lupine are in bloom -- it's absolutely breathtaking.

Fritz and Eowyn

Fritz with Eowyn Gallifrey

Customer Service Associate, "Caller-Bone"

Before moving to Durango, I lived on a desert commune with a herd of happy goats, including my best buddy, a baby Boer named Djali. Leaving him behind to move into town left me with an aching void in my heart that no amount of rock climbing, mountain biking or heavy metal drumming could ever fill. Then I met Eowyn Gallifrey the Irish Wolfhound, and my life took a turn for the bigger and better. Our family enjoys dirtbagging around the Four Corners in our campervan (Cleopatra the Gotemobile). One of my favorite things about working at Zuke’s is that at the end of the day, all of my hard work results in happy, healthy dawgz.

Hannah J

Hannah with Nashville

Regulatory Specialist, "Bone Regulator"

Originally being from a city, I try to get out with Nashville as much as possible now that we live in Durango! We haven’t found a trail, creek, or lake we haven’t loved yet! Aside from being at work with me every day, one of Nash’s favorite places to run off-leash in the fields behind our house chasing prairie dogs. While in the office with me or after a good hike, he enjoys Zuke’s Mini Naturals and Lil’ Links as a reward for being awesome! 

Hannah and Apple

Hannah with Apple

Operations Support Associate, "Bizzy-Bone"

When Apple isn’t hard at work getting belly rubs in the office, you will likely find us romping around the mountains surrounding Durango. Apple is an avid chaser of anything and everything, from a crispy leaf to a massive buck. This makes me an avid chaser of Apple, so I always bring a pouch of chicken Z-Filets on hikes to bribe her back to me. Z-Bones are also a hot commodity in our household -- the apple flavor, of course.

Heidi C

Heidi with Hunter & Charlotte

Trade Analyst, "Z-Bone-Numba-Cruncha "

Hunter and Charlotte love to be outside, and moving out West has really helped us get active on hiking trails! They both run for the car as soon as I put on my shoes, and won’t let me go without them. Hunter and Charlotte go crazy over any Zuke's treat -- especially Lil' Links!

Jeff and Zia

Jeff with Zia

Social Media & Community Manager, "Bonetaineer"

Zia is like me — happiest at or above treeline where we’re free to roam and explore the high mountains. She enjoys it even more if there’s an alpine creek or lake for a cold swim. Inseparable adventure partners, we spend all our free time hiking, climbing, paddling, road-tripping or patio-sitting across Colorado and the American West. The Power Bones and Endurance chews are invaluable to keeping Zia fueled on the trail.

Jessica K and Remi

Jessica with Remington

Customer Service Team Leader, "Bone to be Wild"

Remington always says "YES" to adventure! We love exploring high alpine climates and backpacking to hidden lakes. We’re always happy camping and hiking in the nearby desert –- as long as there is water to cool off in! We even enjoy our calm days paddle boarding or fly fishing on the lake. We’re also stoked to fuel the love in the winter while backcountry skiing some fresh pow! Power Bones are his life source and keep him fueled every step of the way!

Jessica with Lucy and Jack

Jessica with Lucy & Jack

Trade Marketing Manager, "Bone-a-Fido Booster"

Exploring all Colorado has to offer with the abundance of trails, outdoor options and nature’s beauty never gets old. With Durango as our stomping ground and rescue furpups, Lucy and Jack, by our side, the sniffing investigations and scent-chasing escapades are certainly a constant ritual. Always equipped with Lucy and Jacks’ favorites — Mini Naturals and PureNZ Bites — the adventures, training opportunities and belly rubs are limitless.

John and Darla

John with Darla

Supply Chain Manager, "Bone-caster"

Darla and I love to get out and explore all of the trails in the Durango area. The Colorado Trail and Horse Gulch are a couple of our favorites spots, but Darla also loves to go for a swim at the dog park from time to time. Darla’s favorite treat are venison Z-Filets, but she'll never pass up a Crunchy Naturals treat from any new friends!


Jonalyn with Ellie Mae & Argus

Manager Quality Assurance, "Sherlock Bones"

Ellie Mae and Argus love to explore southeast Iowa river basins or take to the trails around town. They are major proponents of all things Zuke’s, especially the PureNZ steaks.

Julie with Rio and Mack

Julie with Rio & Mack

Manager Operations Support and Regulatory, "Bone Watchdog"

One of my favorite places to go with Mack and Rio is Spud Lake in Durango because it's beautiful and they love playing in the lake after a good hike. They both love the Crunchy Naturals because their low-calorie content makes me feel better about giving them many in one day!

Kirsten K

Kirsten with Ludo & Ralphie

Senior Trade Manager, "Collab-bone-ation Specialist"

Ludo and Ralphie always find adventure whether on a long trail hike or just playing in the backyard. Ralphie’s favorite things include Ludo, squirrels, and Zuke’s Lil’ Links. When Ludo isn’t bouncing or barking, he’s focused on two jobs: fetching tennis balls and taste-testing Zuke’s treats. He loves all varieties of Zuke’s Crunchy Naturals, and I love having so many nutritious options to treat him with healthy, wholefood ingredients.


Lisa with Henry

Director of Finance, "Fiscal Bone Meister"

Henry’s favorite activity at home is playing Chuckit! He loves long hikes off-leash when camping with us in the mountains near Durango and Utah. Henry's favorite treats are Zuke’s PureNZ Cords.


Lynda with Thunder

Northeast Regional Sales Manager, "Yankee Bone Peddler"

Every day is an adventure living in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We have 23 acres to explore, romp and play around on. The dogs go absolutely crazy for Hip Action. Hip Action treats are so moist and meaty, my dogs come running whenever they see the bag! They don’t know that Hip Action is good for them too, but I do!


Marisa with Kiki

(Kohl not pictured, he hates the camera, typical of Siamese)

National Sales Manager, "National Bone Manager"

Living in Southern California for the past 7 years, Kiki has mastered the skill of "jump-the-fence" to visit her “friends” in the neighborhood, and napping in the SoCal sun as much as she can. She is truly more a dog than a cat -- she loves all humans, comes when you call her, and will never turn down a good pet. However, we are still trying to master walking on a leash, and at 13 years old, it is a difficult task.


Matt with Magpie & Dolvett

NW Regional Sales Manager, "Bone Fetcher"

We love to explore the mountain areas north of Durango, swimming and chasing each other whenever possible. Our favorite treat is Lil' Links Duck.

Paula and Luna

Paula with Luna

Brand Manager - Communications, "Bone Digitizer"

Transitioning from pup to dog, Luna has learned she can jump really high, taking every boulder shortcut on the trail. I cut up duck and apple Lil' Links for a high-value training treat, and Crunchy Naturals are Luna's favorite at night. She plays with them for awhile before the chomp.


Robin with Abel

Brand Manager - Innovation & Renovation, "Bone-Ovator"

Abel brings an endless amount of joy to those he encounters. He has many friends, both human and canine. His favorite pastimes include running as fast as his four paws will allow (anytime and anywhere) and summiting as many peaks as his parents can handle. He has trekked many a trail only to view the 14er as his “warm up.” Abel’s idea of relaxing is a leisurely swim or trying to top his record for most square footage consumed on the bed. Abel loves his Zuke’s Power Bones as they give him the energy he needs when he needs it.


Sam with Maddie & Zoe

Team Leader - National Accounts, "Bone in the USA"

We enjoy exploring the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area in Colorado any chance we get. Maddie loves rabbit Lil' Links and Zoe will do anything for beef and duck PureNZ Cords.

Stacey P and Nelson

Stacey with Nelson

Southwest Regional Sales Manager, "Dame of Bones"

Being born and raised in Southern California, I love the ocean! Nelson and I spend time at the local San Diego beaches, but also spend a lot of time exploring beaches in Baja, California. My favorite adventure was taking him on a surf trip to Scorpion Bay in Baja when he was a just pup. I paddled out to surf while he watched me from the beach. He howled, cried, whined and ran around in circles until he finally decided to join me. He swam out to the break, jumped on my board and has been surfing and/or paddle boarding with me ever since! When it comes to treats, carrot Z-Bones are his favorite and so good for his teeth!

Stacy J

Stacy with Breck & Chai

Sponsorships & Events Manager, "Bonebassador"

Breck and Chai love to go to their field every day to sniff around and play Chuck-It. Breck loves swimming and running, Chai loves wandering and sniffing. Breck loves treats and toys, Chai loves all food and naps. Their favorite place to be (and mine) is at their ranch in Northwest Colorado where the can run endlessly, swim daily, chase 4x4s, study horses, chew sticks, eat flies, roll in the mud, and snuggle by a campfire. We love Crunchy Naturals, Z-Filets, and Lil' Links!


Tammy with Sawyer

Trade Coordinator, "The Bone Ranger"

I take Sawyer out on the trails so he can run free. He also enjoys playing in the local parks, trails, river and the high country all year round! Sawyer's favorite treat has become Hip Action. He receives a healthy dose throughout the day to keep him active on the trails and in the water.


Tanja with Chico, Mistic & Indy

Staff Accountant, "Z-Bone Allocator"

We love the mountains around Durango and also enjoy hiking in Utah (especially in the spring)! My dogs love all the treats but especially the Lil' Links and Z-Filets.

Todd and Carob

Todd with Carob

Events Assistant, "Swiss-Army-Bone"

I take Carob on adventures as much as possible. I took him on bike rides when he was younger, and now that he is a prime 16+ years old, he loves the mellow trail hikes in the mountains. Carob’s favorite treat is Hip Action; he thrives off the glucosamine and loves the great taste of peanut butter. Carob keeps his teeth pearly white and breath smelling great with the Clean Apple Crisp grain-free Z-bones.


Tracey with Duncan

Brand Coordinator, "T-Bone"

My Japanese Chin, Duncan, and I have never met a trail that we didn't like. When we're not out exploring, Duncan is a hard-core snuggler. From Crunchy Naturals to Z-Bones, we've also never met a Zuke's treat we didn't like (Duncan especially loves anything with apples and carrots). As soon as I open the treat jar, he will launch into "chin spins" and kick his charms into overdrive.