Alec and Tempo near Scout Lake in Durango, CO

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At Zuke’s, we love getting to know the people and pups who power their outdoor adventures with our natural products. That’s why our new packaging features them in beautiful photographs taken near our hometown of Durango, Colorado. Take a minute and get to know our packaging heroes. We’re inspired by all the exciting ways they live life off leash! #ZukesPack

Amanda & Tucker at Scout Lake near Durango

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In 2013, Amanda met the man who would become her husband and his dog, Tucker. It didn’t take her long for her to fall in love with both of them! At 75 pounds, Tucker loves to cuddle and isn’t afraid to push his way onto the couch or even a sleeping bag in order to be close. An avid adventurer, if you mention, “walk,” “fishing,” or just “outside,” he runs around like a puppy. Tucker loves the water and wrestling with other dogs so he’s a regular at the Durango Dog Park and any trail with a river or creek.

Natalie & Lena at Scout Lake near Durango

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Natalie had dreamed of having a Husky since she was a little girl. Lena captured her heart and quickly showed she had an avid love of snow, adventure and affectionate snuggles. Lena does have moments of mischief but she makes up for it with her howling, kiss-filled greetings. Natalie and Lena often head out for adventures in the nearby San Juan Mountains — in fact, Lena is named after the Lena Basin there. Lena loves hiking trails of wildflowers in the summer, chasing Natalie down ski slopes and playing in fresh snow on winter hikes.

Rosa & Hank at Harris Ranch near Durango

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Rosa adopted Hank when he was a puppy because she wanted an adventure buddy for biking, skiing, hiking and all the other outdoor activities in Durango. She says Hank has taught her responsibility and patience and has provided companionship and love in hard times. When Hank was 6 months old, Rosa was paralyzed in a rock climbing accident. Hank offered unconditional love and support and now he and Rose continue to mountain bike, and hike together thanks to adaptive sports.

Susan & Tank at Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride

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Tank’s mom was rescued from a gas station in the Navajo Reservation and brought to a foster home in southwest Colorado. Susan and her husband were looking for a dog that could keep up with their active lifestyle and Tank was perfect. Every day they hike, run, or ski and Tank loves the Colorado mountains. His favorite trails are around Telluride, and also Ice Lake, Cross Mountain, Silver Lake, and more. According to Susan, Tank is also quite the snuggler and to start each day he lays (all 88 pounds of him!) across Susan’s lap while she has coffee.