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The Must Have Shopping List for A New Puppy

Getting ready to bring a new puppy home is no different to preparing for a new baby. Shopping for puppy basics in advance means your new furry family member will be able to acclimate quickly and settle in.

Performance Nutrition for Your Adventure Dog

Fats, proteins, calories, electrolytes, H20. What ingredients should you look for when choosing the perfect snack for your four-legged trail buddy? Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Deming weighs in.

7 Dog-Friendly Desert Hikes in Southeast Utah

Looking for great places to explore with your pup in the spring and fall? From Corona Arch to Bears Ears National Monument, check out seven of our favorite dog-friendly desert hikes in southeast Utah.

Tails from the Trail: 1,000 Miles Across Patagonia

#ZukesPack ambassador Stevie Anna Plummer reports on the adventure of a lifetime in Patagonia with her dog, Darcie, and horses, Sundance and Bandido.

8 Tips for Winter Hiking with Your Dog

From protecting paws to picking the perfect coat, here are some tips to keep your best friend safe and comfortable during winter adventures, whether you’re summiting mountains, snowshoeing through a meadow or walking around the city block.

How to Start Skijoring and Bikejoring With Your Dog

If you’re looking for a fun new way to get outside and have an adventure with your dog, you might want to check out skijoring (if you’re into snow sports) or bikejoring (if you’re a cyclist). In these two “mushing” sports, you and your dog are connected by a tether so that your dog can help pull you to beautiful places. It’s a great way to cover a lot of terrain, obey local leash laws, and learn to work together. The best part is, virtually any healthy dog that weighs at least 30 pounds can try it.

Helping Your Dog Become a Perfect Outdoor Companion

There’s nothing better than having a canine adventure buddy, but where do you start? Before you explore the great outdoors with your dog, it’s important to understand their natural instincts and make sure you have a training plan in place. Here are some tips on preparing your pup for a lifetime of adventures with you!

Training the Ultimate “Crag Dog”

One of the best commands to teach your adventure buddy is “on your bed.” This is a great skill for “crag dogs” — pups that will stay put while their people are rock climbing. Read tips and watch a video by dog trainer Amber Pickren on how to teach your dog the “on your bed” command and use it for any outdoor activity where you don’t want your pup to wander, such as while climbing, camping or fishing.

7 Ways to Hike With Your Dog Off Leash (And Not Be a Jerk)

Public trails can sometimes resemble a battlefield. How can the dog-fearing mountain biker and Susie’s gaggle of mountaineer pugs coexist? As with most raging debates in the hiking community, the solution doesn’t have to be that hard. (Hint: Everything can be resolved with mutual respect. In short, don’t be self-centered.)

Trail Etiquette 101: Training Tips for Off-Leash Adventures With Your Dog

Before hitting the trail with your pup, here are some general tips to help your training skills meet your adventure-seeking goals.

Trail Etiquette 101: 4 Tips for Safe Encounters With Off-Leash Dogs on the Trail

What do you do when you encounter unruly, off-leash dogs on the trail? Dog trainer Amber Pickren shares some tips to help keep everyone safe.

Packing Essentials for Outdoor Adventures With Your Dog

Before you hit the trail, read our handy checklist of recommended gear to pack for you and your pup, which we wrote with our friends at Osprey Packs.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Outdoors With Your Dog

Go beyond the backyard — exploring the great outdoors with your furry friends provides a wealth of health benefits for the body, mind and soul.

My Dog is a B.A.R.K. Ranger – Yours Can Be Too!

Jen Reeder and her adventure pup, Rio, explore Montezuma Castle National Monument to learn about the National Park Services B.A.R.K. ranger program. The initiative is a simple but brilliant way to promote responsible pet handling while also helping make national parks and monuments more welcoming to dogs.

Tails from the Trail: Late-Season Camping at Songdog Ranch, California

“Corbin’s idea of adventure does not involve miles of exploration, speed or a ton of adrenaline . . . He has taught us to make an adventure out of the often quieter, simpler things.” #Zuke’sPack ambassadors Natalia Martinez and Bill Parsons take a cue from their wise senior Labrador, Corbin, to go a bit slower and savor every moment during a late November camping trip.

Tails from the Trail: Prepping for ‘Patagone’

Zuke’s is proud to support ambassador Stevie Anna Plummer as she and her pup, Darcie, embark on Patagone, a 1,000-mile exploration through Patagonia on horseback. By traveling via traditional horse packing, Stevie Anna hopes to inspire others to make the most out of every moment on an exploration, while respecting and understanding the local culture. Learn more about how Stevie Anna prepared Darcie for this journey of a lifetime!

Hiking With Senior Dogs: How to Enjoy Their Golden Years to the Fullest

Your sweet furry companion may have a little grey around the muzzle these days. Does that mean you should leave her at home when you go on your next hike or backpacking trip? Heck no! Thanks to amazing advances in medicine, pain management, and preventative care, senior dogs are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Veterinarian Dr. Jen Deming shares tips on how to hike and enjoy other outdoor adventures with your senior dog.

Dogs Change Lives! Rescued Pups Inspire Bryce LaDuc to Live Life Off Leash

“I tell people all the time, ‘If you want a life full of adventure, go adopt a dog,’” Bryce LaDuc says. “If you’re looking to be inspired, and you’re looking to be outdoors, rescuing a dog not only changes their life, but it’s definitely going to change yours. They’re going to help you accomplish things that you didn’t even know you wanted to accomplish. They are going to push you to try new things. It’s truly amazing.” Read more of Bryce’s inspirational story that all started when she rescued two border collie mixes.

Zuke’s Pack Picks: 5 of Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Autumn Adventures

No matter where you are, there’s an awesome autumn adventure nearby. In celebration of the season, our employees shared a few of their most beloved dog-friendly fall trails from all across the U.S.!

First Aid on the Trail: 3 Common Dog Injuries You Need to Know

Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Deming shares tips for dealing with three common injuries that your dog may encounter on the trail: foxtails, broken toenails, and bite wounds.

Must-Have Gear for Hiking With Your Dog

Like so many dog lovers, one of my absolute favorite things to do is hit the trails with my pooch, Rio. If you’re as stoked as I am to head outside with your dog, check out some must-have doggy hiking gear to help ensure a fun and healthy trip.

Which Camping is Best for Your Dog: Backcountry Camping, Car Camping or “Glamping”?

The range of camping experiences is as varied as our dogs’ personalities. Of course, most dogs love the outdoors, but all of our dogs are individuals. Learn which type of camping is right for you and your pup.

Summer Fun Safety Guide: Staying Safe on the Trails

Dr. Jen Deming offers a veterinarian’s perspective on how to keep your dog happy and healthy all summer long.

How to Share Paddleboarding Adventures With Your Pup

Stand up paddleboarding (SUPing) is a great workout for dogs, and it works on impulse control and focus in different situations. It also builds confidence and teamwork skills between you and your pup. Here’s an outline to help you get started!

6 Tips for Road Tripping With Your Dog

Our #zukespack friend, Alison Turner, learned early on that freedom consists of long road trips and camping, which is why she spends most of her time traveling in her van with her rescue dog Max. In this post, Alison shares some valuable advice about road tripping with your pup that she’s learned along the way.

Training Tips for Road Tripping With Your Dog

Road trips are a great way to get out and see new parts of the country. With endless miles of road to explore, why not explore it with your dog? With some planning ahead, training, and the right supplies, you can have a fun-filled, memorable road trip with your dog.

Hiking with Your Puppy: How Much is Too Much?

Eager to hit the trails with your puppy? Proper exercise for puppies can be a complicated subject. Check out recommendations from veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Deming to help get you started.


It’s more than just a belief—getting outside with our dogs is a way of life for us at Zuke’s. Before Patrick created what Zuke’s is today, he practiced the same path through life. He knew that being outside, hiking, biking, walking, exploring with his dog was far more important than anything else.