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Training your Dog

Having a well-trained dog means that you can go places together and enjoy a great social life with your friends as well as fun adventures in the great outdoors that further enhance that wonderful human-animal bond.

The Benefits and the Rewards of Healthy Treating

Whether you’re training, re-enforcing behaviors because dogs, just like kids, need constant reminders, or placing tasty morsels in puzzle toys for mental and physical stimulation, healthy treats are an important part of your pooch’s nutrition and daily wellbeing. And be sure you’re well stocked whether you’re going for a daily walk, camping, or exploring an adventure trail.

Essential Puppy Proofing

For a new puppy, your home and yard are exciting adventure playgrounds filled with fun stuff to explore, sniff out — and chew. Consequently, it’s important to take special precautions to ensure you’re creating a safe, dog-friendly environment.

The Must Have Shopping List for A New Puppy

Getting ready to bring a new puppy home is no different to preparing for a new baby. Shopping for puppy basics in advance means your new furry family member will be able to acclimate quickly and settle in.

24 Ways to Spend a Snow Day with Your Dog

Snowed in? Here are 24 indoor activities to enjoy with your dog when you can’t go outside.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Outdoors With Your Dog

Go beyond the backyard — exploring the great outdoors with your furry friends provides a wealth of health benefits for the body, mind and soul.

Pro Tips for Taking Perfect Pics of Your Pup

Professional pet photographer Lori Fusaro shares tips for taking awesome photos of your four-legged friends. She also shares heart-warming pictures of rescued senior pups from the book, “My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts,” which features inspiring stories of second-chance dogs like German shepherd Cody, who became a misunderstood shelter dog after he retired from police work.

My Dog is a B.A.R.K. Ranger – Yours Can Be Too!

Jen Reeder and her adventure pup, Rio, explore Montezuma Castle National Monument to learn about the National Park Services B.A.R.K. ranger program. The initiative is a simple but brilliant way to promote responsible pet handling while also helping make national parks and monuments more welcoming to dogs.

Dogs Change Lives! Rescued Pups Inspire Bryce LaDuc to Live Life Off Leash

“I tell people all the time, ‘If you want a life full of adventure, go adopt a dog,’” Bryce LaDuc says. “If you’re looking to be inspired, and you’re looking to be outdoors, rescuing a dog not only changes their life, but it’s definitely going to change yours. They’re going to help you accomplish things that you didn’t even know you wanted to accomplish. They are going to push you to try new things. It’s truly amazing.” Read more of Bryce’s inspirational story that all started when she rescued two border collie mixes.

Zuke’s Pack Picks: 5 of Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Autumn Adventures

No matter where you are, there’s an awesome autumn adventure nearby. In celebration of the season, our employees shared a few of their most beloved dog-friendly fall trails from all across the U.S.!

6 Tips for Road Tripping With Your Dog

Our #zukespack friend, Alison Turner, learned early on that freedom consists of long road trips and camping, which is why she spends most of her time traveling in her van with her rescue dog Max. In this post, Alison shares some valuable advice about road tripping with your pup that she’s learned along the way.

Rescued Dogs Help Protect Endangered Species as Conservation Canines

Conservation Canines is a program of the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology. Their talented team of handlers train rescue dogs to help researchers collect information about threatened and endangered species. By fostering a culture of learning and mutual trust, the keen canine nose is working in service to science. Learn more about this amazing group through the story of two incredible rescue dogs, Sampson and Chester.

30 Reasons Why Your Dog is Better Than Your Ex

Looking for unconditional love? Here are 30 reasons why your dog is better than your ex.

Labor of Love: Volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

From doggie dates to puppy preschool, follow Dog Blog writer Jen Reeder as she spends a week volunteering with devoted dog lovers at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah — the largest no-kill animal refuge in America.

7 Tips for Adopting a Dog During the Holidays

Susie Hansen, director of Abandoned Pet Rescue, shares tips on adopting a dog during the holidays to find the perfect fit for your family.

Lessons in Love from My Dogs

“Love is the one thing that has a beginning but not an end, that makes more space the more it grows. It’s the one thing that lasts forever.” Guest blogger Steph Davis shares lessons in love and loss that she learned from her dogs, Fletch and Cajun.

Riley and Kona: Love at First Chase

Sometimes it’s not always puppy love at first sight. Meet Riley and Kona, two star-crossed Aussies who eventually became best buds thanks to their mutual love for adventure.

Looking for Love? Check Out Your Local Animal Shelter

Dogs may not bring you flowers or take you to the movies, but they can ease your heart, make you smile daily, and take you on the best adventures, as guest blogger Bryce LaDuc shares in this post about her rescue pups, Tonto and Finn.


It’s more than just a belief—getting outside with our dogs is a way of life for us at Zuke’s. Before Patrick created what Zuke’s is today, he practiced the same path through life. He knew that being outside, hiking, biking, walking, exploring with his dog was far more important than anything else.

3 Ways to Have Success at the Dog Park

Dog parks are a great resource for dog owners. Having access to an area where you can let your dog run off leash, get some energy out, and socialize with other dogs can be invaluable when it comes to training and learning manners. While there are many benefits to dog parks, it’s important to use this time correctly to avoid teaching your dog bad habits. We will go over some tips on picking the best dog park for your needs, as well as etiquette and training ideas to make the trip as successful as possible!

Meet Two Incredible Dogs: Naki’o The Bionic Dog and Surf Dog Ricochet

When pet parents accept and embrace their dogs as they are, those pups can blossom in unexpected and life-changing ways. I had the chance to talk with the owners of two incredible dogs: Naki’o the Bionic Dog and Surf Dog Ricochet. Not only are these dogs inspiring, but they are proof that every dog and their person can work together to make the world a better place.

3 Great Ways to Have Your Children Help With Training the Family Dog

Having a dog can be wonderful for children. Taking care of a pet will not only help your kids know how to properly interact with our four-legged friends, it will teach responsibility and life skills that they will apply all throughout life. At the same time, your dog will learn positive behavior for interacting with children and what it means to be a well-mannered family member.

27 Signs You’re an Awesome Dog Mom

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a dog mom. My Lab mix, Rio, brings so much joy and laughter and fun to my life – I love him like crazy! It’s something that’s impossible to explain to people who have never had a dog. Maybe that’s why many of my favorite people are dog moms – we share a special bond with our pups, and know loving our dogs enriches our lives in countless ways. There was even a study that showed gazing into a dog’s eyes produces the maternal bonding/happiness hormone oxytocin. So science agrees: life is better with dogs. That’s worth celebrating!

9 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Create Work-Life Balance

“I wish I worked more,” said no one on their deathbed ever. Yet finding a healthy work-life balance is a challenge, especially in this Digital Age when we are connected to our devices 24/7, on-call for our jobs, checking messages afterhours, on weekends and even on vacations. Working too much can lead to stress, burnout and health issues, but it can be hard to find time for things that we enjoy and that help us recharge our batteries. Luckily, there are lots of ways to find work-life balance through our dogs — just one more reason why they are man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

Celebrating 20 Years: Zuke’s Founder Patrick Meiering Remembers the Past and Looks to the Future

It all started with a guy named Patrick and his dog named Zuke . . .

Dog Lovers: Six Reasons to Get “Appy!”

Smart phones have changed daily life for all of us, and it seems like there’s an app for everything.

Documentary “Dogs on the Inside” Celebrates Second Chances for Dogs and People

Looking for a great movie to watch while snuggling with your dog on the couch? If so, check out “Dogs on the Inside.” It’s an inspiring documentary about prison inmates who train homeless dogs for adoption.

Pet Partners: Volunteering with Your Dog, Supporting Your Community

There are so many benefits to volunteering, but one that we, as dog lovers, hold dear is the opportunity to share the unconditional love and boundless joy our dogs have with others. Bonus benefit: we get to spend more time bonding with our dogs on a regular basis. If you are looking to volunteer with your pup, we recommend checking out Pet Partners.