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Tails from the Trail: 1,000 Miles Across Patagonia

#ZukesPack ambassador Stevie Anna Plummer reports on the adventure of a lifetime in Patagonia with her dog, Darcie, and horses, Sundance and Bandido.

Tails from the Trail: Late-Season Camping at Songdog Ranch, California

“Corbin’s idea of adventure does not involve miles of exploration, speed or a ton of adrenaline . . . He has taught us to make an adventure out of the often quieter, simpler things.” #Zuke’sPack ambassadors Natalia Martinez and Bill Parsons take a cue from their wise senior Labrador, Corbin, to go a bit slower and savor every moment during a late November camping trip.

Tails from the Trail: Prepping for ‘Patagone’

Zuke’s is proud to support ambassador Stevie Anna Plummer as she and her pup, Darcie, embark on Patagone, a 1,000-mile exploration through Patagonia on horseback. By traveling via traditional horse packing, Stevie Anna hopes to inspire others to make the most out of every moment on an exploration, while respecting and understanding the local culture. Learn more about how Stevie Anna prepared Darcie for this journey of a lifetime!

Tails from the Trail: Patrick Meiering, Zuke’s Founder

Take a hike down memory lane with Zuke’s founder Patrick on the Elbert Creek Trail in Durango, Colorado, where he was inspired to start a company focused on healthy, natural pet treats to fuel lifetime adventures with our four-legged friends.